what we do

At TEC Counseling, we believe the solution to every problem can be resolved through the application of biblical principles revealed to us through God's Word. We also believe that a religious affiliation is not required to benefit from these techniques. The nature of your condition or struggle is important, private and confidential.

Judgement is not part of our process. TEC Counseling is a safe, inviting, and open environment where you are accepted--just as you are. 

Our Biblical approach is designed to treat a wide range of conditions including: Depression, Anger, Anxiety, OCD, Panic Attacks, Drug and Alcohol Addiction, Codependency, Self-esteem and Self-Image issues, Marital and Relationship conflicts/Reconciliation, Grief and Loss, Trauma Recovery (from Verbal, Emotional, Physical and/or Sexual Abuse), PTSD, Life Transition. Each plan will be tailored to your specific needs with an emphasis on your continued health, well-being and spiritual growth. 

TEC Counseling offers certified Christian counseling in a dedicated private practice, with flexible office hours to meet your scheduling needs.

Contact us at 832.233.6849 for individual, couple, and group counseling rates.


  • "God worked through Marie to help me improve the quality of my marriage. I was challenged to look at my own issues and see how I choose the behaviors that nearly cost me my relationship."
  • "Marie is a compassionate, caring person who likes to focus on the solutions, not dwell on the origins."
  • "Marie not only helped me find the courage to overcome my anxiety and depression, but she also helped me improve my marriage."
  • "Marie is an inspiring individual. Her peace comes not only from her experience and her training, but also from her sincere walk with God."
  • "I struggled for years with panic attacks. With the help of biblical principles and stress management techniques, I now experience peace and joy!"